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I blog about various things that float my boat including Adventures in Transitioning, Musings of a New Natural, Curl Talk, & More!!

My interests include: Natural Hair, Jewelry Making, Egyptology, Natural Hair, Belly Dancing, Farmers & Flea Markets, Reading, and Health and Beauty

I recognize the beauty in all naturals. It takes great courage to go against the grain. Since I began this journey in 2010, there were many women who have helped me along the way with hair caring, style tips, and information that I was able to relate to my own personal journey. As a result, I’ve made it this far without losing my hair! I’ve learned about what my hair likes and dislikes…how I can recycle or preserve my styles…just gaining general knowledge about the science of Afro-Textured hair in general was exciting. I’ve essentially been in a relationship with my hair. It’s funny to never have experienced being able to see yourself as you were meant to be…prior to all the need to “relax” that is…I’ve tried to keep track of my journey thoroughly through my blog, my photo history, and mental notes and observations. I will create full transitioning story in 6 months, when I do my BC in June 2012 :)

It is my hope that by sharing my experiences with you, you will be inspired to or inspire another woman to take the plunge and leave the creamy crack alone.  Granted, I support a woman’s right to choose what she does to her hair!  I just hope we are treating the chemically unaltered hair growing out of our scalp with the love and attention it needs.

Feel free to contact me with any question or concerns you may have about transitioning and being newly natural, and based on my own personal experiences, I will do my best to answer in a timely fashion.

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Chronicles of a Knotty Natural in a Kinky World!

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