Kudos to Dads Styling Natural Hair!

Daddy Did a Great Job Styling Her Hair!

I had the pleasure of sitting next to this little girl and her father on my flight from Detroit (by way of Korea) back home. This little girl’s father amazed me as I watched him style his daughter’s hair! He had a brush, comb, AND conditioner (in a plastic baggie) and went to work on his daughter’s hair! It was an awesome sight! He meticulously parted, braided, and styled (with ponytails on the ends of each braid) her hair for about 30 minutes into the style you see in the picture, during our flight! Of course I got the low down on how he acquired his styling abilities:

  • Currently, he says he knows how to do 3 styles really well
  • He consults Youtube if he needs help
  • He styles/re-styles her hair DAILY! She told me she was wild so she needed it done on the daily 😉

I was shocked! My only suggestion to him was that as opposed to adding the ponytails at the end of each braid, was to simply twist the ends of the hair around his fingers so that they curled up naturally. I’m sure she lost a lot of ponytails due to them slipping off the ends of her braids.

When I was young, my mother styled all 3 of our heads on Sunday night, and we wore stocking caps throughout the week to preserve the style. My dad never even came near our heads! What a lucky girl; I told her so myself! When asked if she knew how lucky she was, she gave me the side eye! I asked if she thanked her dad and she replied, “Never have, Never will“…

Well Dad, even if she didn’t appreciate all of your dedication and hard work, I certainly did! Kudos to you!

Did your Dad style your hair this well?


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4 thoughts on “Kudos to Dads Styling Natural Hair!”

  1. I think this is adorable..It’s funny when my boyfriend sees me doing my hair he’ll try to help, he has naturaul hair too so I let him, maybe he’ll learn to do his own hair too lol

    1. AWWW! That is so cute! My uncle used to do his own braids, but he ended up looking like he was electrocuted 🙂 Practice makes perfect!

  2. This is so sweet. I remember when my mom went out of town when I was about 7 or 8 years old and my dad did my hair. Don’t really remember the results but he had water, a brush and some grease. Wish I could have seen that happen!

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