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You are such a Doll, Curlfriend!!


Happy Friday Ladies!

A post over at KisforKinky got me to thinking about dolls from my childhood. Crazy right? Her original post was about grown women who want to adopt Barbie’s plastic personna (a certain Ms. Menage comes to mind). Growing up, I maybe had one or two blond Barbies. I was more so in to baby dolls, rather than barbie.  My mother only bought me Black dolls.  My father’s mother bought me a blond haired, blue eyed baby doll for Christmas one year,  at the time I loved it, but she was no more special than the Barbie I shunned.  Another Christmas, I received a brown faced Baby Alive doll with the same hair as blond babies, expect that this doll’s hair was short, curly and jet black.  She was my pride and joy. The last dolls I remember having was the Kenya doll.  Did anyone else have one?

Natural Superheros!

Have you ever seen a woman with natural hair so fierce that she had to be super-human?

My pick? Leela James!

Her Power? She uses her hair like Doc Ock uses his tentacles! One minute you’re basing your hairline for a dose of that creamy crack, and in the next second, wham!  She uses her powerful Hair Whip to combat that foolishness! You didn’t see it coming!

Do you know of any actresses, who are natural, that would make great superheros? If so, what would their super power be (power MUST pertain to her hair ;)?

Charlie’s Natural Angel, Annie Ilonzeh



Nigeria-American,  Annie Ilonzeh, becomes The First Black Charlie’s Angels. WOO-HOO!
Born on August 23, 1983 in Grapevine Texas, she is known for her role as Maya Ward on General Hospital. In January 2011 it was announced Annie will be one of the Angels on the reboot of Charlie’s Angels television series.
Can’t wait to see Annie in action!


Did the Surgeon General get it wrong?

Mary Mitchell of the Chicago Sun-Times believes so! Earlier in the week, I posted an article where the Surgeon General, Regina M. Benjamin, attributed the lack of exercise among black women to them being more concerned with protecting their hairstyles. Mitchell says “that some of it has do with socialization, while for others it boils down to economics”.

Check out The Root for the rest of the story.

Worth a Re-Blog!

From the Get Togetha Blog:

“Get Togetha is modern. stylish. charming. connected. Loves Cats. Hates CopyCats. It inspires you to live. Really live. Has tons of archives. Is tried and true. unconventional. Can be bit bold. Inspiring. Off Beat. motivating. A democratizer of decor. Resourceful. a style Spotter. a commune. uncomplicated. aspirational and transformative. Doesn’t do matchy matchy. Keeps it Fresh. Get Togetha: the lifestyle you bookmark.”

Check it out, it’s pretty dope!!

What Topics Do Women Love to Hate Discussing?

I ran across an informative news blog, Change Comes Slow, written and managed by Nikeasha of Chicago Illinois. She dares to list the “5 Topics Black Women Hate to Love Discussing”.

1. SSBWS (Successful Single Black Woman Syndrome)
I believe most successful women are accused of having successful woman’s syndrome

2. Natural vs. Perm vs. Weave
Let’s live and let live. Personally, I no longer relax my hair, but I do not fault any woman for it.

3. The Long and Short of It All
Again, a personal choice for the woman.

Lovin Natural Hair Blogs

Who are some of your favorite Natural Hair Bloggers/Vloggers?

We love:

Naptural85 (YT) YouTube – Naptural85’s Channel: We love Naptural85 because she’s full of fresh ideas and style for the hair, while using an easy approach!

FusionofCultures (YT) YouTube – FusionofCultures’s Channel: This young woman is fierce! Love her channel, style, and personality to boot!

Fly Blog This blog is everything the title claims it to be: FLY!

Shatter Proof Glass Dolls Love these ladies! Future business leaders of America, check them out!

Natural Hair Rules This tumbler features beautiful natural women, sporting bold natural styles!