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Occupy Natural!

Hey Curls!

I’ve been MIA working on some things…Traveled to Europe over the holiday and will be sharing my overseas hair experience 🙂

On another note, IDK if you have been keeping up with the political climate around the globe, but I was pleasantly surprised to find myself right in the middle of an Occupy Protest as well as a bus boycott! WOO! It was awesome!

On a lighter note, I think would be great if we could get naturals to Occupy:

Ode to the BIG CURLY FRO!


I love the Fro in general! It’s a beautiful halo that naturally adorns your head! You can pick it, spike it, mold it, shape it, and even curl it!  After your crown is perfect, accessorize it!

Enjoy the afrolicious eye candy!

I wondered how many people are so into ‘fros that they write about them…whaddya know!  People write poems about their love for their BAA (Big A$s Afro)!

My Afro Poem

I have an afro.