The Opinionated Male “Loves Black Women That Love Their Hair “

I recently came across a blog called the “Opinionated Male” where an author, Mr. Sobo, writes about whether or not black women “are going natural for life or fashion” and “why he loves black women who love their hair”.

He begins by describing an autumn night, a Friday to be exact, where he was heading out with a few of college compadres to a popular nightclub venue downtown. He then spots a beautiful woman but the most beautiful thing that stood out to him about her was her hair. Check out his description:

Yet what captivated me most about her was what sat nestled atop her head. It complimented her facial features. It completed her look. It captured her essence. It was a voluminous untamed afro, vibrant and rich in it’s thickness, and she rocked it well; better than L.L. could ever rock bells.


I love that he acknowledges the messages that have been sent to black women and girls, “Natural black hair, you’re not welcomed ‘round here” by black women.  He also makes a psychological connection with how we’ve come to hate the naps; he writes:

Mothers and elder sisters grooming their young one’s to abandon their home grown kinky coils for straighter silkier strands of  that ‘good hair’.

He speaks about his experiences seeing the black girl hair blues and routines in his kitchen or the salon, done by the black women in his family. He seems to have an understanding of the seemingly lifelong hair struggle a lot of black women have had to face. Though the article is lengthy, it’s well worth the read!

I’m glad the tide is turning and more of us are embracing and returning to our natural hair state. Not only are we loving and embracing ourselves, we are passing on the love to our sons and daughters! Here’s to the next generation of black girls not having the blues and the black boys finding beauty in their own.

As for those who do not appreciate the hair that grows out of our heads (which is the same hair that grows out of his/hers), let’s give them time. Don’t forget, it wasn’t too long ago that most of us ladies couldn’t appreciate what we hadn’t been exposed to either.

Have a Great Weekend!

4 thoughts on “The Opinionated Male “Loves Black Women That Love Their Hair “”

  1. Well hello to you too Lillian!
    Wow. I’m certainly flattered that you not only appreciate my post, but took the time out to share your thoughts via an analysis on it as well. I was a little nervous at first, but was relieved after reading it. lol. I’m very gracious for the honor. Thank you so very much. Out of curiosity, how did you come to hear of Opinionated Male?

    Also, you’ll be happy to know that I took your ‘rating’ suggestion under advisement, and will give it a trial run. See for yourself.

    1. Why were you nervous?
      I also am a poster on Clutch Magazine’s site (Knotty Natural) and I saw that you posted a link to your site so I checked it out. I must say, I love it and will be a reoccurring visitor!

  2. Nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect.
    Clutch huh? You know, I just ventured onto that site, and that is definitely an ‘interesting’ place. Lives up to its reputation. lol.

    Glad that you enjoy the site. Come by anytime. I will be checking out your digs here as well. In the meantime, I have followed you on twitter.

    1. Does Clutch have a reputation? 😉 I support the site but I don’t always agree with the women who comment, let alone the trolls. I do appreciate a balanced view, which is why I love seeing men comment.

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