Beauty Day: Featuring Homemade Herbal Black Tea

My Collection of Leaves and Roots
My Collection of Leaves and Roots

This summer, I have been experimenting with hair tea rinses! I’ve been using a variety of loose herbs to create teas, which traditionally I’ve done as a final rinse on clean hair. Recently,  I’ve been experimenting with different uses for the tea. So far, I’ve successfully used it as a remoisturizing spray, a final rinse, a pre-deep conditioning rinse, clay facial and finally, it’s one half of the liquid I use for my bentonite clay mix (I’ve listed my recipe below :)).

I have accumulated a small collection of herbs including calendula, lavendar, rose pedals, nettles, marshmallow root, burdock root, comfrey root, shaved grass (horsetail), irish moss, and patchouli. I purchase them in 2-4oz sizes and store them in a gallon-sized glass jar in plastic zip lock bags. I also keep a stash of unrefined shea butter, beeswax pellets, and herbal powders for when I want to experiment!

Today I experimented with adding black tea bags to my usual herbal tea, in an effort to curb shedding.

The Basics
The Basics

1)  Basic Black Tea Rinse Recipe

2 Black Tea Bags

3 Cups of Water

Herbal Tea Bag filled with herbs of choice

My herbs: marshmallow and burdock root, horsetail, nettles, lavender

In the picture to the right, I give basic instructions for creating your tea. After the tea has cooled, it’s ready (read: safe) to use! This particular time, as opposed to using the tea as a final rinse, I rinsed after I washed my hair. I then blotted my hair dry and applied my deep conditioner. The results (look and feel) are definitely worth incorporating black tea! Time will tell whether or not I’ve been successful in curbing the shedding. Will keep you posted.

Of the 3 cups of tea, I used 4 ounces for my spray (below) and 4 ounces for my clay mixture (also, below). I rinsed with roughly 2 cups of brew.

2)  Added to Bentonite Clay Mixture




4 tbsp clay (amount needed will vary depending on hair length and texture, experiment with what works for you)

2 tbsp avocado oil (any oil you like)

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

1 cup liquid (1/2 aloe vera juice, 1/2 black herbal tea)

I’ve been experimenting with my recipe and I like this one the best! The “liquid” part of the recipe is really up to you! Try it with yogurt or conditioner for a mouse-like consistency.



IMG_12133)  Added it to Re-Moisturizing Spray

4 oz (50%) Aloe vera juice

4 oz (50%) herbal tea (black tea, marshmallow and burdock root, nettles, horsetail, lavender)

drop of honey

avocado oil

I use a re-moisturizing liquid spray each time I restyle my hair and or, if my hair has been worn out in a twist/braid/blow out, fro out, etc., add an oil, cream, and set my hair for the night.

I love that I’ve discovered tea rinses and black tea has been a great introduction! I’ll be watching my bathroom floor to judge how it’s working 🙂

Do You Use Tea Rinses?

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