Beauty Day Sunday!


I hope all is well in CurlLand! I am doing my Sunday Beauty Day hair ritual! 🙂

Starting last night I:

  • Pre-Poo’d with my Alma Oil,  mixed with a bit of my Rosemary Olive Oil. After parting into 4 sections, I lightly sprayed water, oiled my scalp, and finally the hair strands.  I twisted and bobby pinned each section after it thoroughly coated.  I covered hair with a stocking cap and a scarf to protect my pillow from becoming stained from the oil.  I left this in over night and through this morning.
  • When it was time to wash, I went for my go-to technique when washing, as I have found this reduces time and tangles!
  • FYI: I have been experimenting with black soap as a cleansing agent as well as avocado as a deep conditioner. I plan to conduct my experiment over a period of six weeks to see if  my hair thrives or not with the addition of the avocado. This week, I will be posting about my experiments with making both the black soap, as well as the avocado deep conditioner I made, and will be using in my experiments.This is only week 3 of my test so I’ll be reporting my findings along the way!
Back to Business…
I wanted to share with you ladies some great information I came across sitting here.  Nappurality has a great article on 10 Ingredient to Avoid Putting in Your Hair. It’s an awesome list. If you’re trying to avoid the chemicals in commercial products, that’s the list you want to refer to!  My way around the chemicals is experimenting with what I have at home. I do order raw ingredients to experiment with, though I do order some commercial products as well. I’ve mentioned Giovanni Direct Leave-In as well as the Hello Hydration Conditioners, as conditioners I use on a weekly basis. HH is not perfect and does have some cones’, but I use it (and all of the commercial conditioners) to co-wash my hair.  Giovanni Direct Leave-In is a commercial product but it’s as close to all natural as you can get, IMO. I love it and have been using weekly for at least a year now.
There are tons of products on the market, have fun finding out what works for you both in the commercial market and your kitchen. Your hair may or may not respond to certain chemicals and you may need to become a kitchen chemist to find out what will and won’t work for you.
Good Luck Ladies!
Have you ever had a failed Kitchen Chemist experiment?

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Day Sunday!”

  1. Hi Lillian! Thanks for the post. I followed the link to your “go-to technique”, but did not find any details on what it is. Can you tell me? Thanks.

    1. Hi Jlowel!

      My apologies for the late reply. The go-to technique is presented in the form of a photo-presentation 🙂 If you click the link and click the ‘Play’ button, you can start the presentation!

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