DIY: Flax Seed Gel for Natural Hair

Happy Fierce Friday!

Last week, I blogged about the benefits of flax seeds for the hair.  Being the DIY-er I am, I decided to try to make some for myself. When I was relaxed, I never used gel simply because I thought it made the hair hard, flaky, and would dry the hair out, which would eventually mean breakage, so I’ve never used gel for the most part. Since I’ve started my transitioning journey, as my hair has grown longer, my styling options have increased. I can do high buns, which are an easy go to protective style for me, however, my fine hair makes it difficult to achieve a sleek bun without the addition of styling aids to combat the fuzzies, as I call them :).

When looking for a solution to my issue, I first thought about what I currently had in my product stash that could help. I tried:

  • Water, Shea butter, and a scarf: I absolutely love shea butter and most times when I do wear a high bun, I use water and shea butter to moisturize my hair, then follow up by putting on a scarf to lay down my edges. This is fine for a regular bun, but I was unable to achieve the sleekaffect that I was looking for.
  • Water, Castor Oil, and a scarf: I absolutely love castor oil. Because it’s a thick oil, I thought it might be affective in taming the frizzies, along with the scarf…though the castor oil did give me shine, softness and moisture, it did not give me a sleek bun.
  • Eco-Styler Gel: This is left over from my Product Junkie days. Originally I purchased it as a styling aid for my twist and braid outs. I still have a whole container of it because after using it a few times, I decided I didn’t actually need the hold I thought I did for braid outs (plain shea butter and water proved to do the trick and left my hair soft and moisturized) and since I abandoned twist outs all together, I had no use for it. I reached for it to see if it could tame my frizzies; what I found was that if I used enough of the product, it did the trick, but i still had to use my scarf to help the edges lay down. Though this product somewhat did the job, I was still unsatisfied because I like to experiment with making products…not only that but I felt it added unnecessary product to my hair which led to product build up…I am a K.I.S.S kinda girl when it comes to my hair; the less product, the better

I finally decided to DIY my own flax seed gel. I used a very simple recipe after viewing a few recipes. I wanted a moisturizing hold; to achieve that, I used:

1/4 C Flax Seeds

1 C Water

2 Tbsp Castor Oil

2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel

5 Drops of Peppermint and Tea Tree Essential Oils

Timer, Pan, Wooden Spoon, Store container with a tight lid


  1. Bring the water to a boil. Set your timer for 10 minutes and stir in the Flax seeds. As the concoction boils and you begin to see a frothy white substance form, use a spoon to stir and remove any gel-like substance from the sides of the pan
  2. When the timer goes off (10 minutes later), remove the pan from the stove.
  3. Grab your strainer and place it over whatever you are using to store the gel
  4. Pour the gel in the strainer. The gel should separate from the seeds and end up in the storage container. Let the product cool
  5. Finally, stir in the remaining ingredients.

Helpful Tips:

  • Using a timer helps to ensure you do not overcook the product. I actually flubbed the first batch because I let it boil too long, which left the gel too thick to strain the seeds from
  • I recommend using a stainless steel pan to make the product. This made it easier to remover the gel from the pan
  • In my first batch I used cheese cloth to strain the product. I am pretty sure it would have worked had I not boiled the product too long, however, I do not recommend using it when working with a hot substances, unless you allow the substance to cool first. It was a pain really. I have since purchased nylons as a means to strain, however I had so much luck with the metal strainer, I think I’ll stick with that.
  • Preserving the Product: Use a preservative, whether natural or not if you expect this product to last. Essential Oils are just one options to try.
  • Add your essential oils last, after the product has been strained and cooled to retain the properties of the oils.
  • My ingredients yielded me 1/4 C of gel. Make adjustments for more or less product


I was really impressed 🙂 not only with the fact that I created gel, but the fact that it turns out that the claims were true! This product gave me hold without making my hair hard. It did not dry out my hair, but actually added moisture to my hair. I used the gel to achieve a braid out for a one day style. The following day, I wore my hair in the “Crown and Glory” style for week 7 of the PYE Challenge. I will make and use this in the future for when I need a sleek look.

Do You DIY?

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