For the Kitchen Chemist in You!

Greeting Curlfriends!

I’ve mentioned several times my love for getting in the kitchen and experimenting! Though I love to cook, I’m not really talking about experimentation with food, but rather hair products!  I began by making different butters for my skin and hair. Most of the skin butters I’ve made can be also used for my hair, which is a deal in and of itself! I’ve created hair growth oils by infusing herbs and oils…Leave-Ins, conditioners and deep conditioners, and daily spritzes.  This is been uber rewarding financially as well.  Though I still purchase some ready made products, using raw ingredients has allowed me to stretch or add and extra ‘sumthin sumthin’ to the product! 😉

What’s So Great About Being a Kitchen Chemist, IMO?

  • Financially Rewarding: I find that I save money by cutting out the middle men/women by making my products
  • First hand knowledge of what’s in my products: I love having the satisfaction of knowing that the ingredients I use are fresh and natural. If you are like me, read labels, and would like to try a product but are weary of the ingredients, do some research and try to recreate the product on your own
  • Personally Rewarding: I love to be able to say, I crafted this with my own two hands 🙂 Giving homemade gifts is a more personal alternative to making a purchase for someone you love…Try bottling up your shea butter mixes, add a bow and cute label, and VOILA! Instant, inexpensive, and impressive Christmas gifts!

Today, I was fortunate enough to discover lola zabeth

Lola has an awesome site! Not only does she talk about her hair experiences, but she’s a ‘Mixtress’ and has a wealth of great homemade product ideas!  She has written a great piece on what should be in every Mixtresses Tool Box! Exciting right?!? She gives a very thorough list of Tools, Ingredients, References and Guides, Suppliers & Whole sellers, Testing, and Photography tips! If you are a true ‘Mixtress’ you have to check out her article, For the Mixtresses: ToolBox

Additionally she has a site, Lola’s Green Hair, which allows users to buy and sell gently used haircare products! How innovative! She has created an online swap shop! I love the idea…if only someone hated the Giovanni Direct Leave-in! 🙁

Who are some of your favorite Mixtresses?

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One thought on “For the Kitchen Chemist in You!”

  1. Hi! I think Lola’s site is a great resource and I discovered it in the latter part of 2011 too and was soo excited about it! I also have many of the advantages to being a mixtress in common with you, especially the one on saving money 🙂

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