Infused Amla Herbal Oil Recipe

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This year, I will continue my cycle of trying to use the most natural products possible, made right in my kitchen. As you all know, I love Amla oil and use it weekly for my pre-poo oil washes. I have had great success with it and have reaped the benefits since I’ve been actively using it. Today I was researching to see if there were any pure amla oil brands, as most of them are mineral or coconut (and in some cases sesame) oil based. I found that there is no pure amla oil, but the amla nut is infused into carrier oils, such as coconut, olive, caster, sesame oils, etc.  Oil infusions are great because you can get the benefits of spices and herbs by applying the oil to your hair! I found a good recipe, which combines Ayurvedic powders, dried herbs, and oils to create the ultimate conditioning oil! I will tweek this base recipe to fit my personal needs. Here is what Birraj of the Long Hair Care Community Forum used in the original recipe:

Amla: Indian Gooseberries

Coconut oil 500ml + olive oil 250ml+ castor oil 250ml
added following herbs
1. curry leaves fresh
2. dried whole amla
3. Licorice powder
4. brami powder
5. Bhringa powder
6. fenugreek
7. 1 tea bag
8. kalonji seeds (15 gms)
9. rose pedal (1 hand ful)
10. henna powder
11. indigo powder
12. Dried hibiscus leaves
13. sage powder

My recipe will be slightly different. I will list the ingredients and include a brief note on why I am using the item in my infusion:

2c Coconut, 1c Olive and Castor Oils: These are great carrier oils for hair oils. The penetrate the hair strand well, great for conditioning, and shine.

Whole dried Amla (from my local Indian store): Great for conditioning and leave hair with a beautiful sheen

Brami Powder: Promotes hair growth, prevents dandruff and split ends and increases shine in hair

Bhringa Powder: Promotes hair growth and darkens the hair overtime

Henna Powder: This one will be new to me, as I’ve never used it but I hear it’s great for conditioning the hair and darkening the hair naturally.

Rose Petals: Adds natural fragrance, cooling properties help to close the cuticle and impart shine

I plan to do a hot infusion, in which I bring the oil to an almost boiling point, then add the herbs and powders and finally, cool it on very low for two hours, let it cool and strain using cheese cloth.

I am super excited, as I am running out of my amla oil! Will be back with an update later!

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