Vegetable Glycerin: Round Two


Do you use vegetable glycerin? Said to add moisture, it’s used in many hair and body products.

Recently, I decided to add vegetable glycerin to my moisturizing spray. Here were my thoughts:

Before I left, all I had time to do was re-moisturize my hair; I used a mixture of H2O, Aloe Vera Juice, a bit of Glycerin, and Rosemary, Orange, and Grapefruit EOs, which is a bit different then my usual re-moisturizing spray, which included Infusium 23 Leave-In conditioner. I will very likely continue to use this because after a week, my hair is STILL moisturized and feels like silk!

A few days after my post, I more insight based upon my observations:

  •  I may have mistaken hair that “felt like silk”, for a film on my hair.

Granted, I had not washed my hair in a week, so I’m sure that I had residue from everything that was in my hair during that time period, but I never have that film-like feeling when using the Infusium 23 as opposed when I used the Glycerin

  • My hair was greasy and I am trying to get away from greasy hair

It is my belief, that I did not get the proportions of glycerin to water correct; i.e. I used too much glycerin for the amount of water I used…and I didn’t really measure, but eyeballed it and I know my ignorance related to using the product was to blame for how it turned out.
So in the spirit of second chances, I’ve decided to give veggie glycerin another try. This time I’ll be sure to be less heavy handed with the product and report back soon!

What’s your experience with vegetable glycerine?

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2 thoughts on “Vegetable Glycerin: Round Two”

  1. I love vegatable glycerin! I haven’t used it in a while (hair is in 2 strand twist) but it really helps to keep my hair moisturized and soft. I hope it goes better for u!

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