I’m Faded|Big (Mini) Chop #2


Fly, right?

I love my sideburns!

Although this is completely out of the ordinary for me, I’m in love with the results! What motivated me to do a second chop was wanting a change. I knew I wanted a shape to my fro, something edgy and adventurous!  I scoured the internet for inspiration and decided on a tapered cut. After agonizing over the details of who would execute the cut, whether to cut it in the curly or blown out state, and most important I worried that I’d hate it.

I know this sounds cliche, but everything falls in it’s place.  My nephew’s great-grandmother has been wearing a low-top fade for the past few years and she convinced me to visit her barber. I looked at her cut and decided to give him a try; after all, it was going to be a toss up either way since I don’t have a stylist (other than myself, of course) here.

I rushed home from work to wash my hair and hit the road!

Save Money and Time!
Save Money and Time!

Because I didn’t have my hair blown out, I had to have it done when I got to the shop. I decided to go this route mainly for two reasons; parting my hair would be easier if the hair was straight and finally if I decided to get length trimmed off the top, having straight hair would ensure a more even cut. Though I was mortified at having my hair handled by a stranger, I survived. She didn’t do a bad job either.

My Inspiration

The above image is the inspiration for my cut and the image I showed the barber. Tim, the owner, took one look at the photo and proceeded to make numerous ‘stank‘ faces, but said nothing; this made me both curious and nervous! I pressed him until he finally shared his thoughts with me, which amounted to, “so you’re going to cut your hair off?”, “and you’re going to let Santiago to do it?”, “IDK how that will look, you may need to train your hair“…Luckily I was steadfast in my decision to have it done and assured myself that if it didn’t come out the way I wanted it, I would just have it re-cut! That’s right, I said it, re-cut!

From APL to 6 mm 1/4 inch (#2 clipper length)

When I heard the sound of the clippers I was both excited and terrified, but that only lasted so long, as he quickly disposed of strands.  At that point, I just had to sit and wait. I’d never had a razor put to my head before but if my 6 year old nephew could do it, I would do it! (Children motivate me to do many things swimming, surfing, braving a barber’s clippers, etc). It took him a total of 15 minutes to finish my fade and it cost me $10.  Cheapest hair cut I’ve ever gotten, not to mention I feel like a new woman!

Today I felt the wind blow on the back of my neck and it felt absolutely wonderful! I’ll be keeping this cut for a while.  To all the ladies considering going for the big chop, doing a second chop for whatever reason, going for a hair cut or adding shape to your fro, I say go for it!

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