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This parody sums up almost perfectly why I do not frequent Korean or any Asian-owned beauty supply stores.

Prior to going natural, I like many other women, frequented their local beauty supply store for products needed to care for my hair.  In my experience most, certainly not all, will follow you through the store or at the very least, keep a watchful eye on you through the video cameras from behind the counter. I find these practices to be completely disrespectful; it’s as if they’ve already convicted you of stealing from the moment you walk in the doors…Some refer to this as “Shopping while Black“, almost similar to “Driving while Black“.   Not only that but it’s worthy to note that these stores, mostly located in African American communities, do nothing to actually give back to the communities in which they reside.  Hair and beauty is a billion dollar industry in the black community so I understand businessmen/women wanting to get a piece of the pie, but what about your dignity as a customer?

For some I suppose, having your hair right and tight trumps dignity!

As a natural, I have no need to frequent beauty supply stores, as most of my purchases are made at health food stores or local herbal shops. I also do not purchase products by companies that have all of a sudden jumped on the natural hair bandwagon in an attempt to recoup money lost from revenues generated from products that were intended for relaxed hair. (Word on the street is relaxer sales are down 26%).

Though I make most of my own products at home, I would definitely support a woman or black owned small business that created products that were healthy and affordable for natural hair, and of course has stellar customer service. In closing, I believe in voting with my wallet in all areas! I would never vote for a politician that believed in policies that would ultimately work against myself or my community, nor could I financially support a business who racially profiled me each time I frequented said business.

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