Natural Hair “Stylists”: One Cautionary Tale

This is a really interesting tale of a young women who went in to have her natural hair styled; she was given a chemical treatment she had previously declined. Regardless of her request, the stylist added the chemical treatment to her conditioner.

Personally, I stopped going regularly to a stylist during my transition back in 2010; I realized everything she did to my hair, I could do, and better! Not only was I being charged more for having partly natural hair, but I really didn’t like the feel of my hair, the distance I had to drive to get it done (40 minutes) and finally the time it took to have the entire service completed (nearly 4 hours). Though the stylist at the time did a great job on my relaxed hair, I had to move along when it came to natural. I’d spoken to her about going natural and she was honest in admitting that she did not do natural hair, which many stylists will not! Eventually I completely parted ways with her and she understood.  Currently, I only visit a stylist about once every 3-4 to have a blow out and trim.  I was fortunate to find someone who actually liked doing natural hair, didn’t scowl at it, was professional and friendly, didn’t yank my hair out and actually seemed really knowledgeable about her craft; I appreciated that. I recommend her to anyone who asks me if I go to a stylist. Though I am the primary care giver of my hair, I recognize that some things are best left to a professional, and chemical services and cuts are just a few that I won’t try on my own hair.

There has been a it of backlash from hair stylist who undoubtedly are losing business (read: money) due to more women going natural and DIY-ing their heads. Many women have the same concerns as I did when putting their hair in the hands of a so-called professional. IMO, having my hair done professionally is a luxury, not a necessity and I cherish the fact that I don’t need anyone to keep my hair healthy! There is power in not being a slave to the salon! I do recognize that not all women wish to DIY and that for some, time and money aren’t a factor.

I would suggest to anyone who wants natural hair to first learn your hair and it’s needs and wants. That may include a professional consultation, online research, trial and error, etc, but it’s worth it due to the high chances that you may run into a stylist who really has no idea about how to handle your hair! Once you become your own professional regarding your hair, you will feel empowered and proud that you say good bye to your salon on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and only see them for professional services.

Good Luck!

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