Natural Hair & Tea Rinses

TeaRinseAre you looking for soft hair? Tea Rinse! Gentle Detangler? Tea Rinse! Hair that has a beautiful sheen? Tea Rinse! Moisturized Hair? Tea Rinse!  Reduced Shedding? Tea Rinse!

The question is, why aren’t you using tea rinses? Every DIY natural should, at the very least, be treating herself to a tea rinse. I have also incorporated these herbal infused teas as my base for my liquid leave when I moisturize my hair, using the L.O.C Method.

It’s very easy to incorporate tea rinses into your regimen, and can be used on natural, relaxed, or transitioning hair.

Benefits: Vary based upon type of tea.

Black Tea – Reduce Shedding, Increase Shine, Strengthen Hair

Water to Herb Ratio: 2 cups to 3 or more TBSP of dried organic herbs
Water to Herb Ratio: 2 cups to 3 or more TBSP of dried organic herbs

Green Tea – Stimulates growth, Soothes itchy scalp/dandruff, Conditions/Strengthens Hair

Chamomile – Brightens blonde hair, heals inflamed scalp, may prevent hair loss

Calendula – Brightens blonde hair, nourishes the skin, healing and anti-fungal. Brew 1/4 c. calendula petals in 1 c. water.

Allow the Rinse to Infuse
Allow the Rinse to Infuse

Hibiscus – Promotes softness and shine, astringent qualities, releases darkish purple dye that can be used to color greying hair, deepen underlying color and/or enhance natural highlights, provides slip to aid in detangling.

Lemongrass – Controls/eliminates dandruff.

Catnip – Helps with split ends, conditions, helps with manageability (reduces frizzies), soothes dry scalp, anti-dandruff treatment, temporarily colors white hair pale blonde. brew strong cup of tea, massage into scalp after shampooing and rinse)

Neem – Repairs damaged hair, restores sheen, encourages hair growth.

Rosemary – Stimulates scalp, thought to help decrease hair loss and promote growth, treats oily hair.

Nettle – Prevent and treat dandruff, stimulate scalp, great for winter.

Burdock and Marshmallow Root are mucilage plants, producing a secretion that is similar in to aloe vera. Great for naturally adding slip!

Environmentally Safe & Inexpensive

Burdock – Maintains and promotes healthy scalp, encourages hair growth, improves hair strength adds shine and body. Adds slip for easy detangling

Marshmallow Root
– Relieves scalp irritations, provides moisture and adds slip for easy detangling

You can buy packaged teas at your local grocery store and/or loose teas at many natural food stores. You can also purchase individual herbs to make your own custom teas for your hair needs.

This week, I’ll show you how I have incorporated Tea Rinses into my regimen.

Stay Tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Natural Hair & Tea Rinses”

  1. Wow I”m glad I saw your link on the BGLH site regarding tea rinses. I recently lock’d my hair and have read that conditioning with Tea rinses are the best options so I was really wanting to know which teas gave the benefits that I wanted. And you have beautifully listed them! Now is Catnip a tea? I’m liking the reduce frizzes benefit.. Where do yo purchase all of your teas? Also for coloring with teas do you do anything special to help the color set or just basically rinse and leave it in your hair?

    1. Hi Chandra,

      I’m so happy you visited! I purchase loose herbs from a local shop, but you can also purchase pre-packaged teas depending on your specific need. Also you can purchase loose herbs or pre-packaged teas online as well (mountain rose herbs or amazon). Catnip is an herb from South America; in addition to being beneficial for the hair, when taken internally it can build your immune system. If using to enhance your color, you can just do a basic rinse. I hope that helps! If not, feel free to ask what you need to, until you get what you have 🙂

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