Night Time, Is the Right Time to Moisturize and Seal!

The Morning After the Night Time Routine
The Morning After the Night Time Routine

Right before bed each night, I take the time to moisturize and seal my hair. It’s a really simple process that takes me less than 15 minutes and my hair is eternally grateful!

        1. No more crunchy dry hair in the morning, just soft touchable hair that lasts throughout the day!
        2. My hair has been significantly less tangled (which means a reduction in single strand knots, thank the Lord!)

          Back View
          Back View
        3. My hair has more volume in the morning, which I love! The bigger the better!

My Method:

Moisturize and Seal At Night
It Swelled As the Day Progressed
It Swelled As the Day Progressed

 Of course, different size braids yield different results.

Pre-Poo Oil Wash Bonus: Added Shine
Smedium Braids
Large Braid
Large Braid

 In the above picture, I have smedium (small-to medium) size braids. I usually do smaller braids (or twists) as the final step on wash day.  Since I braid on wet hair, my braids or twists have more definition the next morning.

Here is what my hair looks like set on mostly dry hair



The biggest differences:

Length: Hair is stretched so it appears longer


Less Definition since the braids are not tight

My night routine is simple and easy. It only takes a bit of time and effort and I’ve seen that my hair is more manageable and softer are a result. I’d recommend all naturals invest in either a silk scarf or silk pillow case as an alternative to cotton pillow cases, to ensure that you retain moisture as your hair dries and sets during the night.

What’s Your Night Time Routine?

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