Wednesday’s Word | Pretty. Period

Picture it, 2005; I’m walking the beautiful campus of Florida A & M University, on my way to work.  The sun is shining but there’s a slight breeze, and approaching me is a beautiful chocolate man.

Pretty. Period

He smiles, his mouth full of perfect beautiful white teeth and says, “Wow, you’re pretty for a dark skin girl”; I was completely taken aback.  How was it that this man could give me such a back handed compliment?? Why did this man believe that beauty was dependent on shade? Needless to say, I wasn’t flattered and I let him know it. I’m not the first or last women of a certain shade that has heard that tripe.  Many sisters have had similar experiences and we are all equally disgusted by it. In honor of making the best of a bad situation Pretty. PeriodA visual tribute to brown skin. A visional testament to Black beauty. A vision board for healing, was created. This website uses photos to tackle colorism. It’s a beautiful site; submit your photo today!

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