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Melba Tolliver

In 1971 Melba Tolliver, a WABC-TV correspondent, made national headlines when she wore an afro while covering the wedding of Tricia Nixon Cox, daughter of President Richard Nixon. The station threatened to take Tolliver off of the air until the story caught national attention. Read More about this trailblazer here.

I pinned this on my Natural Hairspiration board on Pinterest, but thought it worthy of being posted here.

Recently I read an article on Clutch that questioned why women with natural hair have to announce that they’ve gone natural. The author of the article asks “When will it stop being noteworthy that Black women have embraced the hair that grows out of our heads? When will Black women’s natural hair just be considered commonplace and normal and acceptable?”

To that I say, when WE collectively normalize it by showing up with our afro, big ass afros, braids, twists, up-do, shaved heads, locs, and anything that represents our true textures!

They’ll accept us when we accept ourselves!

The Walking Dead’s Danai Gurira said it best!

“I’ve heard actresses say, ‘I have to get a weave because they don’t know how to handle my hair.’ And I’m like no, no, no, no, no. You teach them.,” Gurira told me last July. “That’s how we normalize it. Wenormalize it. Because when we come in with our hair in its natural state they have to adjust, and that forces it to be a normal part of society instead of something we have to go and change to make their lives easier.”

Like Tolliver and Gurira, we should all be trailblazers!

I’ll leave you with this thought, I believe self doubt and discouraging thoughts that tell us we will not be accepted at work, by friends and family, and more so by the opposite sex if we reveal our true selves! I believe that if we truly love self, all other things will fall into place.

Best wishes on your journey to self love!

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