Beauty Day Details: Pre-Poo Oil Wash Method

Happy Humpday! This past Sunday was the first beauty day of February.

Freshly Washed.Naked.No Product

I ended the last few days of the last week in a protective style. I jazzed it up with a colorful scarf.


To begin, I normally start with an amla pre-poo oil wash. Last year, my local indian store relocated and I was unable to find out where they relocated to, which left me without my beloved amla. I prefer to purchase it locally rather than online, so until I find another local source for amla, I’ll have to make due.

Leaves and Roots, Orlando FL

I was fortunate to find a store here in Orlando, that sells all kinds of herbs in various forms! I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go! The staff is very friendly, the prices are right, and most any herb you are looking for can be found here, with the exception of amla :).

I decided to experiment with the powder form of the extract of some herbs I’d been wanting.

What’s the main difference between the powdered and whole herbs?

Shelf life! Whole herbs have a longer shelf life (up to 2 years), while powdered herbs can last only up to 6 months.  A general rule of thumb is to substitute 1/3 teaspoon powdered or 1 teaspoon crushed for every 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh herbs.

So, as opposed to using whole herbs or even essential oils for my

infusion, I added the powders to 8 ounces of warm

(coconut and olive) oil and let the oil simmer for  30 minutes on the stove. I’m working on a video that will show step by step how I created the infusion, but here is what the oil looks like:

Rosemary, Neem, Sage, Hibiscus Oil Infusion
Rosemary, Neem, Sage, Hibiscus Oil Infusion

I am really happy with the outcome. The oil is not as light as coconut but not as thick as olive oil. The smell is pretty much non-existent, which I’m completely fine with. In the future, should I want to add fragrance, I’ll add a few drops of essential oils.

What is a Pre-Poo? A method of applying oils and/or conditioners to the hair before shampooing, which helps reduce breaking and shredding as well as adding moisture to your hair.

Pre-Poo Oil Wash Bonus: Added Shine
Pre-Poo Oil Wash Bonus: Added Shine

My Pre-Poo Oil Wash Method: I use my Roots Only applicator bottle to apply the oil to my scalp and strands, cover with a plastic cap and use indirect heat (body heat) to allow the oils to marinate. After an hour or so, I move on to my next step in my beauty day routine, which could vary depending on the week. This week, the next step was to deep condition. After deep conditioning, I rub a mix of apple cider vinegar and water using a different Roots only applicator bottle (I loved the tool so much, I bought two!) to my scalp. I love this because I find that it helps to clear my scalp of product build up. I then proceed to moisturize, seal, and set my hair using either braids or twists.

I have been utilizing the oil wash method since I began my transition, and continued the practice now that I’m fully natural. I love oil washes because they make my strands appear to be shinier and reduces shedding, thus easing the detangling process. Although I have tried conditioner as a pre-poo, I prefer using oil because it adds that extra sheen; a characteristic of beautiful, healthy hair.  I am a firm believer that oil pre-poo washes work!

Do You Pre-Poo using Oil or Conditioner?

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