Fierce Friday Gratuitous Post | Family Photobombs, A Picnic, & Curly vs Fluffy Bantu Knot Out

Sisters | Photobomb | Family Cookout

It was great seeing my family!

PicnicTwo weekends ago, I attended the 2nd Annual Picnic for a group I’m a member of called “Black Women Who Want More”. I had a great time! Check the scarf! I decided to rock the scarf simply because I had twists in my hair that hadn’t been in long enough to set my hair.  I recommend scarves, turbans, and/or headwraps when you’re in a bind! They are beautiful and versatile, while adding a pop of color and style to your outfit! Additionally, If you’re not on, you’re seriously missing out!

BantuKnotOutThis curly bantu knot out was achieved on blown hair, using shea butter.

Fluffly Bantu Knot Out

This fluffy bantu knot out was achieved on blown hair, using castor oil.

The main difference in how the two styles look, is due to how tight the two strand twists were. In the curly bantu knot out, the two strand twists were more loose. The second fluffy bantu knot out was achieved by making the two strand twist tighter. The result was a chunkier afro style, rather than the curly afro. I heart both styles for different reasons! Bantu Knots can be worn on relaxed, natural, and transitioning hair!

Have a great weekend!

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