Journey to Natural: Then & Now

Today is Oct 31, 2012 and after a 2 year transition (June 2010-June 2012), I am now 28 months post relaxer and 4 months post big chop (BC). I decided to reflect on my journey thus far and think about my hair goals for the future.

Recently, I did a length check:

Stretched Hair: 4 Months Post BC

When I was transitioning, one of my favorite protective styles was the big high bun. 

21 Months Transitioning: March 2012
Close Up

 Recently I was able to replicate the style on my fully natural hair.

Bun: 4 months Post BC
I’m catching up to my original bun size!

My Pony Puff has grown! I’ve found that I can only get my hair into a ponytail when wet!

4 Months Post BC
1 Month Post BC

Twist Out

Twist Out: 4 Months Post BC
Twist-n-Curl: 18 Months Transitioning

And Finally…

Relaxer Free: Sept 2012
Creamy Crack: Circa 2006

I’m so glad I made the decision to go Natural!

I haven’t had an inkling of regret. Only excitement for what’s to come 🙂

Future Hair Goals: 

  1. Retain Length and Moisture
  2. Find a new deep conditioner, preferably homemade
  3. Learn the Three-Strand Twist Method
  4. Experiment with hair styles
  5. Try Henna (I’ve had a box since right before I BC’d and I’ve never touched it…Must correct that)

Do You Track Your Natural Hair Journey?

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