My First Blow Out & Trim!


Even Blown Out, My Hair Shrinks
Even Blown Out, My Hair Shrinks

Hello Curl Friends! I am so excited to share my experience of having my ends trimmed with you! I’d put off the deed long enough! After suffering from SSKs, some dryness, as well as a bit of shedding, I decided it was time to get a professional once over to diagnose the overall health of my hair. Last year, I looked all over Orlando to find a stylist that specialized in Natural hair. Though I found two possible contenders, one place was a bit expensive and the other had a schedule so full that I would not have been able to book an appointment for 3 months. On my way home one day, I saw a sign over a salon, advertising “Natural Hair Specialists”; on a whim, I decided to call them. After frantically searching the net, I finally found a number for them. I called and inquired about whether or not one experienced in Natural hair was available to trim my ends that evening. The receptionist was very friendly and knowledgeable about the stylists’ expertise. She explained that the trim would be $20 and I made an appointment for an hour later.


I am nervous each time someone new puts their hands in my hair! Even more so now that I’m natural! I expected to have a horror story to share but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t.

I braced myself as I walked in, for what could have been a disaster! As I entered, a young woman greeted me, signed me in, and accompanied me on a tour of the salon. The salon itself was very clean (almost immaculate) , the women spoke in a professional manner, and the atmosphere was comfortable and inviting! I chatted briefly with the receptionist until my stylist for the day, Daphne, was ready for me. I waited a total of 10 minutes before I was seen.

Blow Out: After The Trim
Blow Out: After The Trim

Daphne was very welcoming. She inquired about what I did routinely to care for my hair as well as allowed me to express any concerns I had regarding the overall health of my hair. I found her to be well informed about natural hair; felt my trust in her professional abilities growing . She told me there were 3 ways we could go about my trim; the first being that she could dry comb my hair and then trim it (Not ever happening on my watch! Who combs dry hair?), she could shampoo my hair and trim it in its curly state, or she could shampoo and blowout my hair, then trim it.  I opted for the latter. Daphne explained that she was using two shampoos on my hair  one was a sulfate free shampoo and the other was for color treated hair. She did a great job scrubbing my scalp!

The one thing I miss about having a professional wash and style my hair? The scalp massage!

From the shampoo bowl, we headed to her chair and she began sectioning my hair. She then separated the sections into smaller sections, added a heat protecting serum and blow dried each small section using the comb attachment method. The Comb Attachment Method:  This method involves using a comb attachment for your hair dryer and the advantage is that a much straighter result can be obtained. Again, if your hair is not happy with combing, this method is not one you should use. Your hair should be well detangled before using the comb attachment.

My First Blow Out and Trim
My First Blow Out and Trim

In the description of the Comb Attachment method, BGLH recommends the hair be “well detangled before using the comb”. Daphne didn’t detangle prior to using the comb, and I don’t believe it adversely affected my results. I experienced no abnormal hair loss.  Daphne was really gentle and I was actually surprised at how easily my hair straightened. After she had each of the sections blown out, she began to trim my ends.

I walked in with arm pit length hair and left with hair that touches just below the shoulder. I feel like I have a fresh start 🙂

Yup! It looked like Whoppie!
Yup! It looked like Whoppie, minus the frizz!
Dry Braid Out
Dry Braid Out

Overall, my experience with the new stylist and salon was a positive one. My total cost (minus the tip) was $45 for a trim and shampoo. Daphne tried to sell me the Design Essentials Shampoo and Conditioner (at $23 a bottle), and I politely declined. This is the second time the line has been used on my hair and I’m not impressed. She did mention that my hair cuticles were lifted and that there was something I’d been using on my hair that was more acidic than hair is normally. Over the weekend, I used diluted ACV to cleanse my scalp. She suggested that in order to narrow down the cause of the issue, that I give up the ACV and switch to a sulfate free shampoo. I can acquiesce her request simply because I know lifted cuticles mean my hair can’t retain moisture, which leads to dryness, and every Naturalista knows dryness is a Knotty girl’s worst enemy!

I had a great experience at the Art Tech Hair Studio with Daphne! I’ve already recommended her and will continue to do so in the future!

If you’re in the Orlando area and are looking for to have your Natural Hair needs addressed, check out the Art Tech Hair Studio at 2700 Alamo Dr, Orlando, FL 32805, (407) 423-3012.

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    1. Now that I know what you pay for your blowout, I don’t feel so bad about the price I paid for mine 🙂
      You’re right about the SSKs; I don’t believe I’ll ever be rid of them, but I can do my best to minimize them!

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