Part I: Do You Bantu? Two Strand Twist Method

Bantu Knot Up Close

I’m feeling adventurous! I love the curly coif that results from bantu knots! After gawking at Naturals who have mastered the Bantu Knot Out technique, I decided to try it myself.

There are two basic ways you can create bantu knots:

  1. Using a Two Strand Twist and
  2. Twisting the length of the hair strand and coiling the hair around itself

This week, I’ll be experimenting using two strand twists and next week I’ll try the single twist method.

Two Strand Twist Method:

Bantu Knots: How To Video to Follow

First, determine how you want to wear your the front of your hair and section that off separately from the rest of your hair. I usually wear my hair parted down the middle, but I decided to wear my part on the right side. If you wish, you can use setting lotion, curl cream, or gel to assist in “setting” the style. Begin twisting your hair using the two strand twist method.  Once you get to the end of the twist, coil the hair around itself and tuck the ends under the final layer of the knot. If necessary, you can use a bobbi pin to secure the ends. For me, tucking the ends was enough to secure the knot.

Continue this process over your entire head.

The next morning (or when they are dry) unravel the knots.

Next Morning: UnRaveled Bantu Knot
Texture Shot: Separated Bantu Knot

Separate the twists until you’ve reached your desired fullness. Use a wide tooth comb or afro pick to hide parts.

Things To Remember:

  • Start knots on hair that has been detangled and moisturized
  • Only unravel knots when they are completely dry
  • For more defined hair, create smaller knot sections, yielding more knots. Smaller knots will dry more quickly
  • For less defined hair, create fewer knot sections, yielding larger knots. Larger knots will take longer to dry
Fuller Look Achieved Using Large Knots

As you can see in the image above, I opted to create larger knots, which yielded a less defined look. It really wasn’t what I was expecting, but I ended up loving the turnout!

Stay tuned for the step-by-step How-To: Two Strand Twist Bantu Knot Out video.

Do You Bantu? If so, what are your secrets to a perfect Bantu Knot Out?




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