Saving Our Strands | Natural Hair and Swimming PT 1

I love the summertime! Here in Florida,  it feels like summertime or at least early spring most year around.  I also love the water so lucky for me, there are many local beautiful beaches! The only issue is that I can’t swim! Almost 30 and can’t swim; pitiful right? I have never let the fact that I can’t swim hold me back from the water. I’m a pretty efficient doggie paddler and I can swim on my back with the best of them, but real underwater swimming terrifies me. It came to a head 2 years ago when I was in Hawaii on the beach and I saw children taking surfing lessons; I decided that if they could do it, I could do it! I instantly wanted to be a surfer but a precursor to surfing is swimming, so I had to learn how to do that too! After looking around, I decided that the least expensive route was my local YMCA, which I ended up joining.  As a member, I paid $125 for a total of 8, 30 minute sessions. Not bad considering a lot of freelance swim instructors wanted $50 an hour! I’m some where in lesson 5 or 6; myself and my instructor have lost count 🙂

Speedo Swim Cap for Long Hair

After 2 lessons where I left with dripping hair, combined with having to wash, condition, and moisturize when I got home, (and make dinner or run errands or anything else that needs to be done in the few hours left after I come from work) I knew I needed a swim cap to simplify my life. Luckily I follow a workout enthusiast on Instagram who recently incorporated swimming into her workout regimen. She recommended the swim cap that I purchased from Amazon for $12.00. Two days later, it arrived just in time for my lesson! First Impressions: Upon reading the description of the product online, I was immediately interested! According to the description, the cap is

  • Designed to fit swimmers with long hair: With APL, high density hair, I needed something spacious enough to provide complete hair coverage!
  • Resistant to snagging and tearing: This is a must for kinky hair! Our hair is fragile so all precautions need to be taken to avoid snagging and tearing
  • Quick and easy to take off without snagging hair: It’s my personal mission to avoid snagging so seeing this twice made my day!

The cap comes with clear specific instructions so as not to tear or split the cap, which is made of silicon and rubber. After trying it on, I was ready to go! The first time I wore the cap, my hair was styled in two pinned side flat twist and the back was gathered into a low ponytail. I tried on the cap and it fit perfectly, with the exception of a bit of my hairline being exposed. During the lesson, I was completely comfortable in the cap. It wasn’t too tight and wasn’t loose enough for too much water to get in. After the lesson, I took the cap off and though my hairline was damp the entirety of my hair was dry for, the most part! No need to reinvent the beauty day wheel! Problem solved, right? Not so simple! For the first half of the week, I was pretty lazy and just wore a high puff. By the time Wednesday came, I was ready for my lesson and didn’t consider that I may have an issue with my cap and the style of my hair. Low and behold I learned the hard way that if you have a lot of hair, a high puff is a no-no when wearing a swim cap. By the end of my 30 minute lesson, I just took it off because the cap had slipped on to my puff and my entire hairline along with the hair gathered into the puff was exposed and drenched.

My final verdict after a 3 days of swimming was that I needed extra coverage!  This conclusion led me to amazon where I did some research on another type of cap.

TYR Lycra Swim Cap

Stay tuned for Part II of my Natural Hair and Swimming series, where I will review the LYR Lycra Swim Cap, my brief stint wearing two swim caps at once, and focus on tips and tricks for maintaining your hair while swimming or visiting the beach.


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  1. Thanks for this stellar post! I just signed up for swimming lessons that begin next week and my first thought was uh oh! My hair 🙂 purchasing the cap you linked to today 🙂

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