Cause I’m (Scissor) Happy!

I couldn’t help myself; I started out faded, then I felt like I needed something else…SHAPE (or something)! I couldn’t leave my hair the same length on all sides, so I decided to visit the salon for one more cut!



My Inspiration

When I showed my BFF (a licensed cosmetologist) an image of the cut that inspired me, she advised me to request a 90 degree cut from whomever executed the cut. A 90 degree cut will basically result in a layered look. Going from arm pit length (APL) to whatever the resulting length was going to be, was like entering the unknown. Mind you, I’d never met this stylist before so I didn’t have any idea of her level of expertise or if she had any talent cutting hair. I haven’t decided if the move was bold, crazy, stupid, or all three!

Before the cut, my hair was completely blown out.
Before the cut, my hair was completely blown out and the length was the same all around.
Me Likey!

After asking a few questions (which I always do if I’m sitting in a new stylist’s chair), I explained to her that I wanted to retain some length due to the fact that I wanted to be able to show my faded sides and back at my leisure. I reasoned with myself that if she flubbed the cut, I could always have it fixed (right?).  She seemed to understand and proceeded to cut my hair. What I liked about her is that she did exactly what I wanted, rather than what she thought was best. What differentiates my cut from the standard 90 degree cut is that I wanted a bit more length in the top front portion of my hair. She respected my request and gave me just what I wanted, and gained a future client in the process!

PostCutI’d say to anyone who’s decided on a hair cut of any kind (and who doesn’t have a BFF who knows the name of the cut you’re envisioning) to have lots of photos of the style you’re going for! Make sure you are certain of the style you want because once you cut, there’s no going back, until the cut grows out.  If you’re adventurous (or crazy, haven’t figured out which I am) and decide to go to a stylist you’ve never been to, make sure you speak to the stylist and ask questions about her expertise. Ask about if she’s experienced in cutting natural hair, specifically. Don’t be afraid to sit in the salon and watch her do someone else’s hair or even speak to one of her clients about how they feel about her as a stylist. Most of all, be certain that you are sure you want to cut your hair and are ready for the change in styling regimen! There are stark differences in the styles you can pull of with longer hair versus shorter hair. Finally, if you do get your hair cut and you don’t immediately like it, give it time to grow on you! If you still don’t like it, you can always add length until it grows out again!

If you’re looking to have a hair cut in Orlando, I recommend Shawnda at Tim’s Salon and Barbershop: 407-371-1202!

Until Next Time Curl friends!


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