Seeing Is Believing: Sealing After Moisturizing

Hello Curlies!

Conclusion: Without sealing in the moisture, it evaporates from the hair, leaving it dry. Dry hair is the arch nemesis of Natural Hair!

As you know, I am an avid user of the L.O.C Method both as a transitioner and once I was fully ; I’ve sang it’s praises from here to Youtube and to anyone who will listen! Today I ran across a scientific experiment which visually illustrates how moisture (water) becomes trapped when we use oils and cream as a sealant. More on the experiment here.









Lately, I’ve been limiting my re-moisturizing from twice weekly to once weekly, on beauty day, simply because I’ve been wearing protective styles weekly since I’ve had my ends trimmed. If I decide to change my style mid-week, I would then re-moisturize and seal for the new style!

Protecting Those Ends!
Protecting Those Ends!

I think I’ll be wearing this bun for at least another week! Then, on to a different protective style! I’d like to maintain as much length as possible in the coming months; will update you along the way!

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