The Quest for a Frizzless Twist-Out Continues

So I’ve been trying (and so far failing) to figure out what I can use to give me a defined twist out, minus the frizz.  So far, I’ve tried had mild success with the chunky twist out using my moisturizing spray mix and my shea butter cream. The night before I went skydiving, I knew I wanted to wear my fro, so I put about 8 large twists in my hair after moisturizing and sealing. The results were great.

This was more of a frizz-out, rather than a twist-out 🙁

I’ve not had luck with the smaller twists for a few reasons (I think):

  • After my BC, I still had relaxed ends in a few places so the ends of my twists became frizzy due to the fact that some of the ends were still straight
  • My twists aren’t small enough. I’ve been lazy on this one. The picture to the left is proof that I really do medium sized twists, which equate to less defined twist outs. The general rule of thumb is that smaller twists equal more definition
  • I don’t normally use any gel or curl enhancing type product. For me, my main concern has been moisturized hair…not really definition. When I was transitioning, I could braid or twist my hair the night before (on hair that was 85% dry) and the next morning, I’d have definition and moisture. I’m still trying to figure out what works now that my hair is fully natural.
Today’s Twist-Out was a bit better but the frizz is still there in some places

Last night I decided to give it another try. This time, I co-washed my hair using a clarifying conditioner and used a teeshirt to dry my hair about 85%. I then separated and lightly detangled each twist section. I’ve been hearing rave reviews about cantu shea butter, but of course you can’t always expect what works for someone else to work for you, so I bought a jar. It was $4.00 at Walgreens for a 16 oz bottle so I thought that was reasonable. I’ll review this product after I have been using it for at least a week. I applied a bit to each section and twisted away. Now I mentioned that I had some remaining relaxed ends; as I got to the ends of the twists with straight ends, I just grabbed the scissors and cut them off. Honestly they were holding me back. Originally, I was planning to wait until I visited my BFF and let her do it, but I got frustrated in the meantime. I am hopeful that the hair will grow back so I’m not too worried.

This morning when I woke up, I used Parachute coconut oil to take my twists down. One thing I do not like is oily hair so I’m making a practice of trying not to be too heavy handed when using oil. I just ensure my fingers are coated, to lessen the frizz factor when I take down my hair.

I admit that cutting of the remaining ends helps my twist stay together, but I still have the frizz factor. I do love the shape though 🙂 The cantu did leave my hair soft as promised so I like that. All in all, I’m still battling the frizz monster 🙁

Tonight, I am going to see if I can get 2nd day hair. I am hoping it gets bigger and bigger as time goes on.

How do you fight the frizz monster?

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2 thoughts on “The Quest for a Frizzless Twist-Out Continues”

  1. You aren’t fond of trying a gel, but have you try flaxseed gel ? It’s very moisturizing with a nice soft hold. You should give it a try as it’s very cheap (here , where I live(paris) i’t’s 1.49€ for 200/250grams (2$ for 8/8.8oz)

    1. You live in Paris?!?! That sounds lovely! Would love to attend a hair meet up in Paris…

      I have made flaxseed gel at home (If you like, check out the link) but I didn’t use it enough to guage whether or not it would work long term. The idea of gel in general is a turn off to me, so I just ended up using the smallest amount possible. How much of it do you use on your hair?

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