Natural Throwback: Judy Pace

You may remember her as one of Lamont’s (the ‘big dummy’, son of Fred Sanford) many girlfriends! This mahogany beauty is an attractive African-American actress who starred in sexy, free-spirited films of the late 60s and 70s. In the 1970s, she was the personification of Black beauty but just calling her a black beauty is a slap in the face because she’s a beauty period!  Her dark brown complexion is always mentioned because she was the first dark complected beauty on screen. She proved to whites and blacks, that beauty doesn’t discriminate and a woman with dark-skin can be a beauty too.  Judy Pace was one of the many gorgeous black leading ladies of blaxploitation films of the seventies. Judy throughout her career broke the color line in TV and Hollywood. Judy Pace was the first to do many things that helped future black actresses.

Inspiration: I think I’m fabulous. Therefore, I am.

100% me. No preservatives. No additives. No bullshit.

Good A.M!

Today, I wanted to give inspiration to those who doubt their natural beauty…the non manufactured kind! The kind that makes us uniquely special and separates us from the norm! Enjoy!

Courage is the power to let go of the familiar. -Raymond Lindquist

“Other people’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.” -Les Brown

“Always act like you’re wearing an invisible crown.” -Unknown

You inspire multitudes with your curls and a smile.

What Topics Do Women Love to Hate Discussing?

I ran across an informative news blog, Change Comes Slow, written and managed by Nikeasha of Chicago Illinois. She dares to list the “5 Topics Black Women Hate to Love Discussing”.

1. SSBWS (Successful Single Black Woman Syndrome)
I believe most successful women are accused of having successful woman’s syndrome

2. Natural vs. Perm vs. Weave
Let’s live and let live. Personally, I no longer relax my hair, but I do not fault any woman for it.

3. The Long and Short of It All
Again, a personal choice for the woman.

Surgeon General: Women Choose beauty over health

That’s right ladies!

“Surgeon general Regina M. Benjamin recently warned attendees of the Bronner Bros. International Hair Show in Atlanta, Georgia that women who skip exercising in order to protect their hairstyles should focus more on their health.” According to the Surgeon General, “on average women spend way more on beauty products than health care: $540 a month on hair products, make-up, and fake tanners, compared to $360 on their physical well-being.”
Read more here

What the Curl?

Interesting.  Everyone is jumping on the Transitioning bandwagon it seems…

“Jamaican Mango & Lime
Transition Natural
No More Relaxer-New Growth (Thermo control Serum)

Heat Activated-Does not Break Hair Bonds like relaxer, Maximum Detangling (1 Application that lasts up to 2 months)

Kit Contains-1 Jamaican Mango & Lime no more relaxer new growth thermo control serum 4 oz
1-Naturalizing and Detangling Shampoo 2 oz
Naturalizing and Sealing Leave in Conditioner 2 oz
gloves, instruction pamphet

No More Relaxer New Growth Thermo Control Serum Ingredients
Delonized water, Oxoacetimide Carbocystene, oxoacetimideamino acids, glycerine, knojac manan & polyquaternium 37, aloe extract, garacilaria extract, honey. marigold extract, papaya extract, kiwi extract, sweet almond extract, polysorbate20, imidizolidinyl

How can I get a Goddess Comb?


Step 1: Tell me a bit about yourself! Since this piece is being made for you, I’d like a few tidbits about you…This will help when your bead are selected! This information could mirror the following:

Goddess #1: I love earth tones and sterling silver!

Goddess #2: I am a fire sign who loves bold colors!

Goddess #3: I’ll take anything in blue and gold!

How easy was that!

Step 2: A piece is especially made for you!

Step 3: Upon receipt of payment, your piece will be mailed expeditiously!

Lovin Natural Hair Blogs

Who are some of your favorite Natural Hair Bloggers/Vloggers?

We love:

Naptural85 (YT) YouTube – Naptural85’s Channel: We love Naptural85 because she’s full of fresh ideas and style for the hair, while using an easy approach!

FusionofCultures (YT) YouTube – FusionofCultures’s Channel: This young woman is fierce! Love her channel, style, and personality to boot!

Fly Blog This blog is everything the title claims it to be: FLY!

Shatter Proof Glass Dolls Love these ladies! Future business leaders of America, check them out!

Natural Hair Rules This tumbler features beautiful natural women, sporting bold natural styles!

Extra Curriculars

Everyone could use an extra curricular activity or two. What are yours?

Check this group out!

A MAGI Temple, School of Belly Dance Ethnic Dances & World Beat, run by the lovely and vivacious Melanie LaJoie in Orlando FL, is an amazing place for women of all shapes, sizes, colors, etc, to work out, socialize, and enjoy a good time!

A MAGI books their professional soloists and troupes for:

  • Area Theme Parks
  • Conventions
  • Special Events
  • Restaurants
  • Festivals
  • Fairs
  • Charity Events & more

Chronicles of a Knotty Natural in a Kinky World!

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