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Kathleen Cleaver | “Why We Wear Our Hair Like This”

“We were born like this, but they want wigs like this!”

She so succinctly explained how colorism, western standards of beauty, and racism have affected the black community.  Black is indeed beautiful! Spread the word!

Ya Dig?

Beauty Is | Documentary From A Pan-African POV

I love educational documentaries! While perusing Shadow and Act, I came across this documentary, by London-based filmmaker Toyin Agbetu.  According to Agbetu, the doc “explores the topic of beauty from a Pan African perspective through a collection of candid personal and group interviews, touching on touchy issues like hair, skin, body image, relationships and character”.

Recently, many films (Good Hair — Chris Rock) and documentaries (Dark Girls — Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry) have tackled the issues of colorism and the impact of western beauty standards on non-white people, particularly those of African descent.