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Saving Our Strands | Elastic Bands 101

I’ve worn tons of styles since I’ve stopped relaxing my hair and allowed it to return to it’s natural state.  Elastic bands take center stage as the go to tool for many styles I’ve worn.

I just knew my puff was on point!
I just knew my puff was on point!

Who doesn’t love a big, bodacious, blinding puff? I know I do; the bigger the better! The style is convenient, simple, easy to achieve and can be worn without having to restyle on a daily basis.

Buns anyone? While transitioning, my bun was always singled out by the TSA to be checked for weapons of mass destruction.

Beauty Day: Featuring Homemade Herbal Black Tea

My Collection of Leaves and Roots
My Collection of Leaves and Roots

This summer, I have been experimenting with hair tea rinses! I’ve been using a variety of loose herbs to create teas, which traditionally I’ve done as a final rinse on clean hair. Recently,  I’ve been experimenting with different uses for the tea. So far, I’ve successfully used it as a remoisturizing spray, a final rinse, a pre-deep conditioning rinse, clay facial and finally, it’s one half of the liquid I use for my bentonite clay mix (I’ve listed my recipe below :)).

The Quest for a Frizzless Twist-Out Continues

So I’ve been trying (and so far failing) to figure out what I can use to give me a defined twist out, minus the frizz.  So far, I’ve tried had mild success with the chunky twist out using my moisturizing spray mix and my shea butter cream. The night before I went skydiving, I knew I wanted to wear my fro, so I put about 8 large twists in my hair after moisturizing and sealing. The results were great.

This was more of a frizz-out, rather than a twist-out 🙁

I’ve not had luck with the smaller twists for a few reasons (I think):

Last Month Transitioning: Natural Glam Hair Challenge


I found this challenge on instagram from @NaturalHairStyles101. She writes,

The purpose of this challenge is to spark conversation about all things natural hair…whether it’s impromptu product reviews, blog sharing, or my personal favorite–HAIRSTYLE PICS and TUTORIALS.

I think this will be an awesome challenge for my last month transitioning.

Daily, I will be posting here as well as on instagram. Tomorrow’s post will be, Coily Beginnings: Show us a pic of your TWA or pictures of your transition! 

I don’t have a TWA, but I do have transition pics! Super excited! Look out for daily updates 🙂

Evolution of the Braid-N-Curl

lillian-mae.com: Braid-N-Curl @ 23 Months

I am loving my braid-N-curl result!

Though I am still hating my ends, I decided that my last braid out did not look great because I failed to properly roll the ends.

If you are transitioning and have 3″ or less relaxed ends remaining, I recommend:

  • Technique: Braid just past the line of demarcation and curl (flexi or perm rods) the rest
  • Smooth Ends: Use your fingers or rolling papers to ensure that the ends are smoothly around the rod
  • To “Set” the Curl: Use foam or setting lotion

Transitioning: What’s Left of My Relaxer

I am hating my ends!

It’s Tuesday and I am hating these ends, even more so then when I complained during the P.Y.E challenge! As I watch the clock wind down to June 30th, I am continually tempted to grab the scissors and start cutting. Last night, I did a braid-n-curl to prepare for the day’s style. I used a mixture of H2O, Aloe Vera Juice, a bit of Glycerin, and Rosemary, Orange, and Grapefruit EOs to re-moisturize the strands, followed by my homemade shea butter cream to seal.  Usually I have about 16 braids, but last night I cut it down to about 10 medium sized braids and curled the ends using a perm rods. This morning when I took them out, I loved the chunkiness of the hair, but the ends disgusted me! It totally takes away from the style! If I weren’t so stubborn I’d move the BC date up.  This is another reason why protective styling works so well for me; I never have to see my ends! Out of sight, out of mind!

Protect Ya Ends Challenge Results

At the beginning of this year, I signed up for the Protect Ya Ends Challenge, hosted by Black Girl, Long Hair. Here’s how I did:

January 2, 2o12, starting stats and goals:

  1. Ending Point: 19 months into a 2 year transition. Total length of hair between 9-11 inches
  2. Crown Length: 7 inch new growth, 3 inches relaxer, Back: 7 inch new growth, 1-2 inches relaxer, Front-Side: 7 inch new growth, 3 inches relaxer
  3. Goals for March 31, 2012: Growth, Moisture, and Length Retention, and hopefully to achieve more creative protective styles

BGLH P.Y.E: Week 5, Same As Week 4

Still Sporting the Same Style from Week 4

It’s week 5, and I’m still on travel for work, and I’m still rocking the same style from week 4. My style is convenient and easy. I’ve changed my style once since I’ve been on travel, and I’ve not had the need to change it since. Feeling my hair, I noticed it is a bit dry, however, I can wait until tomorrow night to re-moisturize and re-style my hair. I go home on Friday and Saturday I have a belly dance practice and  performance so I really won’t have time to re-style my hair before then. Sunday I will be doing my monthly Aztec Indian Clay wash. I can’t wait, as I’ve not washed my hair for two weeks, due to travel.

P.Y.E Week 4: Want a Successful Transition? Make Your Hair a Priority, PT 1


Due to business travel, I am posting my update late. I initially started out with something that I had to throw together in a rush in order to make my flight. Last night, I bit the bullet and re-moisturized and re-stlyed hair. Full story on lessons learned will be posted later today.

Transition Natural Style: Buns

Protective Style: Repositioned Bun

It’s Thursday, and I not only re-moisturized my bun, but I also repositioned the bun!

I have been wearing a bun for almost two weeks now. Prior to yesterday, I’d not re moisturized, washed or conditioned my hair since my last wash day. I was being lazy really.

I posted my week 3 update for the challenge and received a comment from Natural by Nature:

“I love your bun, i was rocking this for a minute as well. Its one of my favorites. i often pin my to the side. I never actually take down the style and redo, but I do unroll the bun part, moisturize and tuck it back under”