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Evolution of the Braid-N-Curl

lillian-mae.com: Braid-N-Curl @ 23 Months

I am loving my braid-N-curl result!

Though I am still hating my ends, I decided that my last braid out did not look great because I failed to properly roll the ends.

If you are transitioning and have 3″ or less relaxed ends remaining, I recommend:

  • Technique: Braid just past the line of demarcation and curl (flexi or perm rods) the rest
  • Smooth Ends: Use your fingers or rolling papers to ensure that the ends are smoothly around the rod
  • To “Set” the Curl: Use foam or setting lotion

Transitioning: What’s Left of My Relaxer

I am hating my ends!

It’s Tuesday and I am hating these ends, even more so then when I complained during the P.Y.E challenge! As I watch the clock wind down to June 30th, I am continually tempted to grab the scissors and start cutting. Last night, I did a braid-n-curl to prepare for the day’s style. I used a mixture of H2O, Aloe Vera Juice, a bit of Glycerin, and Rosemary, Orange, and Grapefruit EOs to re-moisturize the strands, followed by my homemade shea butter cream to seal.  Usually I have about 16 braids, but last night I cut it down to about 10 medium sized braids and curled the ends using a perm rods. This morning when I took them out, I loved the chunkiness of the hair, but the ends disgusted me! It totally takes away from the style! If I weren’t so stubborn I’d move the BC date up.  This is another reason why protective styling works so well for me; I never have to see my ends! Out of sight, out of mind!