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Part I: Do You Bantu? Two Strand Twist Method

Bantu Knot Up Close

I’m feeling adventurous! I love the curly coif that results from bantu knots! After gawking at Naturals who have mastered the Bantu Knot Out technique, I decided to try it myself.

There are two basic ways you can create bantu knots:

  1. Using a Two Strand Twist and
  2. Twisting the length of the hair strand and coiling the hair around itself

This week, I’ll be experimenting using two strand twists and next week I’ll try the single twist method.

Two Strand Twist Method:

Tips For Traveling Transitioners

Traveling can wreak havoc on your wash routine; trust me!

Since Jan of this year, I’ve traveled at least two weeks consecutively out of each month, and during March I was on travel the entire month. Usually I travel within the states, but I was sent to Korea recently and there is a trip to Germany I am hoping to get assigned to me. In January 2013, there will also be a Hawaii trip to which I have been assigned…I’m really looking forward to that one!

A Curly Fro Kinda Christmas

Happy  Holidays!

I recently tweeted that I was trying the twist-n-curl for the second time since I began my transition.

My first experience left something to be desired so I decided to go with what had been working flawlessly, the braid-n-curl.
Usually I go with what I know works, but since I found out I had 7 inches of new growth, I was feeling adventurous.
On Christmas Eve, I sat out on my T-n-C mission! Starting in the back, I began two-strand twisting and rolling the ends with my perm rods. This process took a total of 40 mins to complete, as I was being careful to ensure my relaxed ends layed the way I wanted them to. I suppose I was feeling adventurous with products as well because instead of using foam, I used Eco Styer Gel. I have never be a fan of gel, but somewhere during the beginning of my transition, I got swept up in the product junkism of it all, and purchased some.