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Razor Burn, Cuts, & Bumps, Oh MY! | No Bueno

So I’ve been sporting (and loving) faded sides since April and I thought it was appropriate to discuss razor burn, cuts, and bumps; something anyone who shaves anything may have to deal with.  I’ve had to deal with razor burn or bumps while shaving but it never occurred to me that I could experience this around my hairline after a shape up.

What is Razor Burn?

Razor burn is “technically known as Folliculitis, which describes when the hair follicles become infected by a bacteria or fungus. This results in the irritated bumps and pimples that appear around the shaving area” – More at Ask Game Day.

Cause I’m (Scissor) Happy!

I couldn’t help myself; I started out faded, then I felt like I needed something else…SHAPE (or something)! I couldn’t leave my hair the same length on all sides, so I decided to visit the salon for one more cut!



My Inspiration

When I showed my BFF (a licensed cosmetologist) an image of the cut that inspired me, she advised me to request a 90 degree cut from whomever executed the cut. A 90 degree cut will basically result in a layered look. Going from arm pit length (APL) to whatever the resulting length was going to be, was like entering the unknown. Mind you, I’d never met this stylist before so I didn’t have any idea of her level of expertise or if she had any talent cutting hair. I haven’t decided if the move was bold, crazy, stupid, or all three!