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Razor Burn, Cuts, & Bumps, Oh MY! | No Bueno

So I’ve been sporting (and loving) faded sides since April and I thought it was appropriate to discuss razor burn, cuts, and bumps; something anyone who shaves anything may have to deal with.  I’ve had to deal with razor burn or bumps while shaving but it never occurred to me that I could experience this around my hairline after a shape up.

What is Razor Burn?

Razor burn is “technically known as Folliculitis, which describes when the hair follicles become infected by a bacteria or fungus. This results in the irritated bumps and pimples that appear around the shaving area” – More at Ask Game Day.

Wednesday’s Word | Pretty. Period

Picture it, 2005; I’m walking the beautiful campus of Florida A & M University, on my way to work.  The sun is shining but there’s a slight breeze, and approaching me is a beautiful chocolate man.

Beauty Is | Documentary From A Pan-African POV

I love educational documentaries! While perusing Shadow and Act, I came across this documentary, by London-based filmmaker Toyin Agbetu.  According to Agbetu, the doc “explores the topic of beauty from a Pan African perspective through a collection of candid personal and group interviews, touching on touchy issues like hair, skin, body image, relationships and character”.

Recently, many films (Good Hair — Chris Rock) and documentaries (Dark Girls — Bill Duke and D. Channsin Berry) have tackled the issues of colorism and the impact of western beauty standards on non-white people, particularly those of African descent.