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Beauty Day Sunday, Featuring Rhassoul Clay

Hello Beautiful šŸ™‚

I started this week off the right way and my hair thanked me!

Le Coil Le Coil[/caption]

Rhassoul clay really impressed me! It’sĀ somethingĀ that I plan on incorporating into my hair regiment probably twice monthly, in between my once a month Bentonite Clay cleansing and conditioning treatment, and my Aubrey OrganicsĀ protein deep conditioning treatment. Ā If you are a DIY Natural, like myself, I’d recommend that you get in the kitchen and start mixing clays. Your hair will thank you!

For the Kitchen Chemist in You!

Greeting Curlfriends!

I’ve mentioned several times my love for getting in the kitchen and experimenting! Though I love to cook, I’m not really talking about experimentation with food, but rather hair products!Ā  I began by making different butters for my skin and hair. Most of the skin butters I’ve made can be also used for my hair, which is a deal in and of itself! I’ve created hair growth oils by infusing herbs and oils…Leave-Ins, conditioners and deep conditioners, and daily spritzes.Ā  This is been uber rewarding financially as well.Ā  Though I still purchase some ready made products, using raw ingredients has allowed me to stretch or add and extra ‘sumthin sumthin’ to the product! šŸ˜‰