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Cocoon Curls, via Naptural85


Happy Hump Day Ladies!

Last week, I was in a styling funk! After perusing Youtube, I came across Naptural85’s tutorial for Cocoon Curls! Very similar to Bantu Knots, cocoon curls are created by wrapping the hair around itself and securing the ends with a ‘knot’.

I like this method because for me, the technique easier to master than Bantu Knots. Also, sleeping is much easier!

Re-Moisturized with Aloe/Water & Shea Butter Cream
To Remove Knot: Pull the 'Tail' of the Knot
To Remove Knot: Pull the ‘Tail’ of the Knot

I loved my results!


Check out Naptural85’s easy Cocoon Curls Tutorial:

BGLH PYE: Week 01.2.12

Challenge Post 1:

Happy New Year

I have updated my stats and goals for the challenge, as well as adjusted my monthly wash routine in an effort to inject additional moisture for the winter months and the PYE Challenge.

I’m off to seal my ends!

Tomorrow, I am going for Naptural85’s Simple and Charming “Natural Hair” Updo | Protective Style.

Stay tuned for the Tuesday Morning Takedown pictures!”

Simple and Charming Updo WK1

Challenge Post 2:

As promised, click here are the follow up pics!

Aztec Indian Healing Clay Wash: Follow Up

Hey Curls!

Love the Sheen!

Just wanted to check in with some photos for this Tuesday Morning Take-Down!

Yesterday was beauty day! As promised, here a few shots of the dried hair after using the Aztec Indian Clay.

Last night after trying the clay, I set my hair in about 10 braids.  This morning, I carefully unbraided them using coconut oil. I lightly fluffed the hair out to disguise any parts and to make the hair fuller for the style.  My Protective style idea was an attempt at Naptural85’s Simple and Charming “Natural Hair” Updo | Protective Style.

Lovin Natural Hair Blogs

Who are some of your favorite Natural Hair Bloggers/Vloggers?

We love:

Naptural85 (YT) YouTube – Naptural85’s Channel: We love Naptural85 because she’s full of fresh ideas and style for the hair, while using an easy approach!

FusionofCultures (YT) YouTube – FusionofCultures’s Channel: This young woman is fierce! Love her channel, style, and personality to boot!

Fly Blog www.flygirls.typepad.com: This blog is everything the title claims it to be: FLY!

Shatter Proof Glass Dolls www.shatterproofglassdolls.com: Love these ladies! Future business leaders of America, check them out!

Natural Hair Rules www.blkgirlsrock.tumblr.com: This tumbler features beautiful natural women, sporting bold natural styles!