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PYE Weeks 10 & 11: Yucky Scalp; One Month Since My Last Wash

P.Y.E Week 10 & 11

For the 4 Weeks, I’ve been on travel non-stop; I have been neglectful in posting my updates for the challenge. Though I have been a full participant, wearing only protective styles and taken pictures to show the style, I haven’t been updating like I should have.

The 2012 BGLH “Protect Ya Ends” Challenge


Join the "Protect Ya Ends" Challenge!

I’ve been thinking about my hair goals for 2012. Since I BC in June, I want to make sure I am extra careful, so as to avoid any mishaps. Today, I came across a hair challenge! I’ve seen them, but have never participated. It’s a 3 month “Protect Ya Ends” Challenge.

I’m down! My first Challenge, YAY!

To enter, think about:

1. Starting point: (Where your hair is currently)

18 months into a 2 year transition. Total length of hair 12 inches