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Natural Throwback: Judy Pace

You may remember her as one of Lamont’s (the ‘big dummy’, son of Fred Sanford) many girlfriends! This mahogany beauty is an attractive African-American actress who starred in sexy, free-spirited films of the late 60s and 70s. In the 1970s, she was the personification of Black beauty but just calling her a black beauty is a slap in the face because she’s a beauty period!  Her dark brown complexion is always mentioned because she was the first dark complected beauty on screen. She proved to whites and blacks, that beauty doesn’t discriminate and a woman with dark-skin can be a beauty too.  Judy Pace was one of the many gorgeous black leading ladies of blaxploitation films of the seventies. Judy throughout her career broke the color line in TV and Hollywood. Judy Pace was the first to do many things that helped future black actresses.