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Recycled Style: Twist-N-Curl UpDo

Happy Friday! This week I wore my hair in a twist-n-curl. My goal was to achieve at least 3 day hair and a restyle on day 4.

French Rolled the back and pushed up the front

Here’s what actually happened with the style:

  1. Monday and Tuesday: My hair looked great 🙂
  2. Wednesday and Thursday: By Wednesday I’d had enough sleeping pretty so I used an elastic headband to push my hair into a high curly crown

Transition to Natural Hair Styles: My First Bun <3

In honor of Fierce Friday (#FierceFriday, #FF), I’ve decided to show off my first high bun!

Top Front View

While it took a lot of pressing and smoothing my hair down with my fingers and hands, along with a few large bobby pins, I did it!

Now the top of the bun, to me, was above average 🙂 I can’t wait til I cut off my ratty relaxed ends! I give it a 7 out of 10 for my first try!

Left: Side View Right: Side Front View

What new styles have you tried on your transitioning hair?