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Beauty Day Sunday FAIL: Coconut Milk Deep Conditioner

Hair Porn! My camera captured my texture beautifully!

I was so excited to try a new protein deep conditioner recipe, but based on my experience I’ll chalk this one up as an epic fail!

I started my wash day a little later in the day yesterday due to my thrifting trip.

I began my routine by:

Pre-Poo’ing: I sectioned my hair and to each section, I sprayed water and oiled my scalp and strands while lightly finger detangling. I covered my head with a plastic bag and tee shirt, then let my hair marinate for an hour.

Beauty Day Sunday!


I hope all is well in CurlLand! I am doing my Sunday Beauty Day hair ritual! 🙂

Starting last night I:

  • Pre-Poo’d with my Alma Oil,  mixed with a bit of my Rosemary Olive Oil. After parting into 4 sections, I lightly sprayed water, oiled my scalp, and finally the hair strands.  I twisted and bobby pinned each section after it thoroughly coated.  I covered hair with a stocking cap and a scarf to protect my pillow from becoming stained from the oil.  I left this in over night and through this morning.