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Supporting Our Sistas! | Hair Talk

virginhairToday, something came across my dashboard from Toni Delay that caught my attention.  Toni is a vlogger, who among other things reviews hair pieces; in this case, from a Chinese owned company.  Toni discovered the logo for said company was “Best Hair for African” and politely suggested that they add a person of African descent to their marketing team. The reply she received from the company was enough to make this woman start a movement, beginning with a website; SupportASista.com (coming soon). The idea behind support a sista, is to support black and women owned businesses.  Check out the video below (you can fast forward through to the 2 minute mark to see the company’s response):

Wednesday’s Word | 5 Ways to Eliminate Self Doubt

When it comes to physical and mainstream images of beauty, it’s easy for self doubt to creep into one’s mind. I think most of us go wrong by comparing our own unique and intrinsic beauty to that of others.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve doubted myself or a decision I’ve made.  I’ve had to learn to trust myself and the wisdom I’ve gained through experience, and then to forgive myself if things don’t go as planned.

4 years post-relaxer, one thing I’ve never doubted was my decision to return to my natural texture.

Korean Beauty Supply | Vote With Your Wallet

This parody sums up almost perfectly why I do not frequent Korean or any Asian-owned beauty supply stores.

Prior to going natural, I like many other women, frequented their local beauty supply store for products needed to care for my hair.  In my experience most, certainly not all, will follow you through the store or at the very least, keep a watchful eye on you through the video cameras from behind the counter. I find these practices to be completely disrespectful; it’s as if they’ve already convicted you of stealing from the moment you walk in the doors…Some refer to this as “Shopping while Black“, almost similar to “Driving while Black“.   Not only that but it’s worthy to note that these stores, mostly located in African American communities, do nothing to actually give back to the communities in which they reside.  Hair and beauty is a billion dollar industry in the black community so I understand businessmen/women wanting to get a piece of the pie, but what about your dignity as a customer?

Cocoon Curls, via Naptural85


Happy Hump Day Ladies!

Last week, I was in a styling funk! After perusing Youtube, I came across Naptural85’s tutorial for Cocoon Curls! Very similar to Bantu Knots, cocoon curls are created by wrapping the hair around itself and securing the ends with a ‘knot’.

I like this method because for me, the technique easier to master than Bantu Knots. Also, sleeping is much easier!

Re-Moisturized with Aloe/Water & Shea Butter Cream
To Remove Knot: Pull the 'Tail' of the Knot
To Remove Knot: Pull the ‘Tail’ of the Knot

I loved my results!


Check out Naptural85’s easy Cocoon Curls Tutorial:

Lovin Natural Hair Blogs

Who are some of your favorite Natural Hair Bloggers/Vloggers?

We love:

Naptural85 (YT) YouTube – Naptural85’s Channel: We love Naptural85 because she’s full of fresh ideas and style for the hair, while using an easy approach!

FusionofCultures (YT) YouTube – FusionofCultures’s Channel: This young woman is fierce! Love her channel, style, and personality to boot!

Fly Blog www.flygirls.typepad.com: This blog is everything the title claims it to be: FLY!

Shatter Proof Glass Dolls www.shatterproofglassdolls.com: Love these ladies! Future business leaders of America, check them out!

Natural Hair Rules www.blkgirlsrock.tumblr.com: This tumbler features beautiful natural women, sporting bold natural styles!