Headaches From Scalp Tension?

 Yesterday, I learned a very valuable lesson!  Whoever said “Beauty knows no pain”, LIED!

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Have you ever had a headache that you believe was caused by too much tension on your head?  If not, thank your lucky stars! I had a terrible experience yesterday; A migraine, which I believe was bought on by the bobby pins I was wearing.

Back View: Bobby Pins

After I took them out, I felt relief immediately!  In the past, I’ve had the Ouchless headbands that have been overly stretched cause the same problem when I’ve attempted to wear them as headbands. Taking them off immediately relieves the tension! In the future, I will ensure that the pins are not so tight against my scalp. My hair looked great and held in place, but it was almost unbearable!

Has anyone else experienced the Bobby Pin headache?


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