I Have Discovered the Banana Clip: Me Likey!

The Banana Clip

Happy Fierce Friday!

I am super excited to report that I was finally able to successfully use the banana clip I bought nearly 2 years ago, for the first time today! 🙂

Back in my product junkie days, I was also an accessory junkie! I went out and purchased the goodie banana clip, copious amounts of ouchless headbands in every color and design imaginable (most have been stretched out to the max by now), decorative bobby pins, decorative headbands, silk flowers to make headbands and hair pins…the works!

Initially, I tried to use the banana clip and couldn’t get it around my locs. Additionally, when/if I got it in my hair, I never liked the style, so I banished it to my corner for unused accessories and completely forgot about it.

This morning, as I was laying in bed, I thought about how I wanted to re-style my hair today. Yesterday I did a B-N-C and wanted to wear the back up and the front out…similar to this style here.  The back of the hair is rolled and pinned using the ever so dependable bobby pins (holy grail natural girl must have accessory!); however, I wanted to do something different. It was at this time that I had the epiphany to use my banana clip. I fished it out from my stash and played with my hair a bit to determine how I wanted my bang to fall. Once I figured that out, I gathered the back into a high ponytail and began finagling with the banana clip. The most difficult part was closing it! For some reason, I didn’t think my hair was thick 😐 Anywho, after about 3 minutes and several failed attempts, I ended up with this:

Side View: Looks like I used a rubber band to secure it, right?

Back View: Curls from my recycled my B-n-C

Me likey 🙂 This accessory is officially being added to the rotation!

Have you used the banana clip?

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One thought on “I Have Discovered the Banana Clip: Me Likey!”

  1. I remember the banana clip from either the 80s or 90s (I forget which decade). Now, I wish I would have kept them. Everything comes back in style. Your hair looks amazing. I’m going to have to buy one and see if my hair is long enough to rock it.

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