BGLH P.Y.E: Week 5, Same As Week 4

Still Sporting the Same Style from Week 4

It’s week 5, and I’m still on travel for work, and I’m still rocking the same style from week 4. My style is convenient and easy. I’ve changed my style once since I’ve been on travel, and I’ve not had the need to change it since. Feeling my hair, I noticed it is a bit dry, however, I can wait until tomorrow night to re-moisturize and re-style my hair. I go home on Friday and Saturday I have a belly dance practice and  performance so I really won’t have time to re-style my hair before then. Sunday I will be doing my monthly Aztec Indian Clay wash. I can’t wait, as I’ve not washed my hair for two weeks, due to travel.

Just a quick check in 🙂

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