P.Y.E: 1.15.12: Same Bun, Different Week

So uh…this is week 3 of the challenge, and I didn’t wash, deep condition, and restyle my hair this Sunday 😐 Shoot me! Guilty as charged! I have no explanation what-so-ever, other then the fact that I wanted to sit on the couch this weekend and honor MLK by watching old movies 🙂 I just really felt lazy and my hair was on my brain but I really didn’t make an attempt to do it. I did make sure to use my silk scarf, BTW 😉


PYE Wk 3, Bun

This bun is a GODSEND! The best part is it’s easy and lasts a looooooooong time! I am on day 7 with no restyle. Though I realize that the inside of my hair is probably dry and that when I do wash it this weekend, I will have more shed hair than normal (which is to be expected when keeping a protective style for a while), I still love it.

Tomorrow, I may restyle, but it’s really unnecessary. 🙂




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