P.Y.E: Week 1 ReStyle Reveal Video

So, uh…I changed my hair 🙂

While I loved the Naptural85 Simple and Charming Updo style I wore at earlier this week, it was difficult to maintain without restyling in the morning. I’ve worn a similar style, which I accomplished by going overboard with bobby pins! Naptural85’s method allows you to only use one elastic headband, which is cool! I found it a small challenge to get the headband to remain stationary on my head, but once I began tucking the hair it became easier and the style fell in to place. My hair looked really full and I loved the style in general. I would wear this style if I were going out to a formal or even professional occasion. The reason for my style change is because in order to maintain this style I would have to “sleep pretty”…Not my cup of tea. The low maintenance girl in me wants to ideally style once during my week, on Beauty Day Sunday, of course.  So again, I’d definitely recommend this style! The beauty speaks for itself!

I’d love feedback!

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