P.Y.E Week 7: My “Crown and Glory” Hairstyle

PYE Week 7 Updo

Week 7! We are half way through the challenge and I am very happy with the results thus far! Though I can’t say I’ve plotted my growth, I can happily say I am still retaining the hair I do have πŸ™‚

This week’s recap:

  • Sunday I did not get to wash my hair so on a whim, I did a co-wash on Wednesday
  • Experimented with creating flaxseed gel…more about that to come
  • Tried a new DC using Coconut milk…more about that to come
  • The style I came up with is simple and elegant. My boss said I looked like a Nubian Princess :). I call it my “Crown and Glory”. I accomplished the style by slightly parting the side of my hair and flat twisting upwards, near the crown of my head, all the way around, until I reached the beginning of the flat twist. I continued to twist the ends, and tucked and pinned the ends down. It’s a great style that lasted until I decided to re-do the style for Thursday.
  • Thursday I had to take an ID picture so I wanted my hair to be out and about…so I used one of my free coupons (we get two freebies to wear our hair out)

    PYE Week 7: Freebie

To accomplish this style, I braided my hair into about 15 braids and rolled the ends with perm rods…It came out pretty good. I love that my hair was so big :). Thursday nights I have dance class usually and last night’s practice was two hours. Because I was sweating so much, some of the curls fell on the ends…Luckily I had to go back to a protective style, or I may have had toΒ  re-curl those ends.

For week 8, I begin with my beauty day Sunday routine and I am hoping I can find a protective style that looks different than all my other protective styles…Youtube usually has great inspiration!

Have a great weekend!

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4 thoughts on “P.Y.E Week 7: My “Crown and Glory” Hairstyle”

    1. The braid out works so much better for me then the twist out at this point in my transition…flexi-rodding the ends has made the look more uniform and natural! πŸ™‚

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