P.Y.E Week 8

We are two months into the challenge. Up to this point, I have:

  • Consistently worn protective styles
  • Used one of two freebies to wear my hair in a non-protective style
  • Retained length
  • Discovered my fine hair can not tolerate elastic headbands that are too tight around my front edges
  • Tried a DIY flaxseed gel
  • Been experimenting with a new DIY deep conditioner (more to come on that one!)

This week, I continued to wear my hair in the “Crown & Glory” style  I wore in week 7 of the challenge. Since I will be traveling on business for the entire month of march, it will be difficult to maintain my normal routine this month. Thus, I have slightly amended my regiment to accommodate my travel schedule this month:

  • Instead of washing weekly, I will have to wash my hair on March 10th when I get back. My wash time will be limited, as I will be leaving for travel again on March 11th. I know by the 1oth, my hair will be begging for a clay wash and I’ll happily oblige !
  • Style or Re-Style my hair only once, and on Saturday.

I am pretty sure these short term tweaks won’t reek havoc on my hair but I’ll report if I experience any set backs.

FYI: All Star Weekend was awesome. I found myself fro’ stalking many naturals I saw in the crowds! 🙂


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