P.Y.E Week 9: The Big Chop Heebie Jeebies!

High Bun

It’s week 9 of the challenge and I’m still on travel so I’m still rocking my bun…I love it though!It’s full and big and easy; certainly not a style I have to sleep pretty to maintain. Tomorrow I plan to re-moisturize, seal and braid up my hair.  I am really excited about the end of the challenge. Normally, I wear my hair in protective styles, but I like having the freedom to wear it out when I want to.  I am getting the big chop  heebie jeebies! June 3o is right around the corner and I can’t wait to

  • Run my fingers through my hair without my fingers getting tangled at the ends
  • See my ends curl up 🙂
  • Have a real puff
  • Not have to use perm rods to roll my straight ends

It’s funny, I’ve never been antsy about my BC until now.  The PYE challenge is actually helping me to quell my problem, as I don’t have to see my ends. When I used my freebie, I was unsatisfied with how my braid out looked; the new growth is fluffy and full and to me, though the ends are curled, they just don’t blend well with the rest of the hair and it doesn’t last like it used to. I’ll hold on until the day I reached my goal!

Any transitioners out there with the BC heebie jeebies?




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