Protect Ya Ends: Starting Stats

On December 16th, I joined the Potect Ya Ends challenge.

See my starting stat and goals here.

18 Months, 7"

As of January 2, 2o12, here is a list of my stats and goals:

Starting Point: 19 months into a 2 year transition. Total length of hair between 9-11 inches
Crown Length: 7 inch new growth, 3 inches relaxer, Back: 7 inch new growth, 1-2 inches relaxer, Front-Side: 7 inch new growth, 3 inches relaxer

Goals for March 31, 2012: Growth, Moisture, and Length Retention, and hopefully to achieve more creative protective styles

18 Months, Relaxed Ends

Length Goal: A gain of 2.5 inches by March 31, 2012, for a total of 9.5 inches of new growth;

Plan of Attack: 

  • Weekly: Pre-poo Oil Wash, Co-Wash, and Deep Condition,
  • Bi Weekly: ACV Wash,
  • Monthly: Aztec Indian Clay Wash

Check out a more in-depth view of my weekly, bi-weekly, monthly routine 

18 Months, Stretched

Products: Amla Oil, ACV, Aztec Indian Clay, Cheapy Conditioner, ORS Deep Conditioner Mix (I add to the product for extra ump!), To seal my ends: Liquid Leave In Mix, Giovanni Direct Leave In, Shea Butter Mix

Protective Styles: Goddess Braids, Cinnabun, High Buns, Flat Twists, French rolls, any creative protective style that catches my eye.

I will post every Monday with my weekly challenge updates!

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